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How Important Is Anchor Text In Today’s SEO World?

Anchor text plays a very important role in search engine optimisation. It can drastically improve your search engine rankings for a particular set of keywords, but can also get you penalised all together. Controlling a backlink profile’s anchor text is a very important skill that an SEO needs to learn.

Back in 2007, if you built 500 links all with the same anchor text, you would be greatly rewarded for those links for your particular search phrase. As time has gone on, Google has become smarter and can spot things much easier than before. Google do this with a mathematical formula called an algorithm. Anchor text plays an important role in this algorithm as it takes the physical words that make up a backlink to another website as a ‘vote’ towards that website. For instance, if your website was about your chiropractic centre, it would make sense for links to be coming into your website with text links that say things such as ‘chiropractor’, ‘local chiropractic’ and so forth.

As an SEO it is your job to make sure that the links you build to websites make sense, but do not look spammy or over-optimised. Hugh Thomas, an SEO in Cardiff says: “Repetition of link text may have worked back in 2007, but not in today’s ever changing world. The backlink profile as a whole will determine how your site is perceived in Google’s eyes and in doing so they look for signs of trust, quality, and authenticity. It is important to make sure that all links built to a website comply with all of those traits. Gone are the days of sending out 20,000 blog comment links through Scrapebox in order to increase a website’s rankings. In are the days of creating high quality, authoritative links from reliable websites which are also relevant.”

Take a website about basketball, it may not relate to a chiropractor directly but it sure does indirectly. Sports and injuries go hand in hand and getting a link from a local sports team to your chiropractic website would make sense. Now getting a link from say a locksmith site wouldn’t make sense at all. In doing so, alarm bells will be raised and your efforts to manipulate the search engine rankings will suffer. There is no point trying to find the next loophole, it is much more important to just do things ethically and properly from the start.

Tips for Hiring a Web Designer

web design

It is good that you have decided to start a website for your business, but simply having a website alone will not bring the necessary results. The website should be neat, attractive, engaging and should be visible to the users. In order to get the website designed properly, you need to hire a professional web designer. Off late, web designers and web designing companies have mushroomed on the internet sphere like anything. Every website designer or web designing company promises to offer affordable and best services. But in reality, very few companies are good at offering a reliable and effective service. Now, let us see how to identify a good web designer or web designing company.

First, make sure that the web designer has a physical location. Some web designers would not reveal their location and personal details and communicate to the prospective clients only through the Internet. You should be careful with such kind persons as they may be fraud. If a person is genuine, then he would not hesitate to tell his location, name, professional details, etc. Next, you should see his previous work. Ask the prospective web designer for the previous work that he has done for his clients. By seeing his past work and his clients, you would be able to decide whether the web designer is really capable of designing your website or not.

In addition to web designing skills, a web designer should also have knowledge about SEO. Make sure that the web designer you hire has a good level of knowledge about SEO. Finally, ask the cost and pricing before handing the project. You can ask quote so that you can have a fair idea about the pricing. By following the above tricks, it would be easy to find a genuine and reliable web designer on the Internet.

Secret Recipe to Improve the Visibility of your Website

visibility of website

Nowadays, having a website will benefit your business a lot. That is because most people use the Internet to search businesses, products, and other related things. If you have a website, then people using the Internet could find your business or product and would perform a business transaction with you. You should remember a fact that it is not easy for the people to easily find your website. There are millions of websites on the Internet, and hence it is hard for the Internet users to easily spot your website among the crowd. Therefore, you need to do some work to improve the visibility of your website.

Having your website properly designed will help to build the reputation of your website and business. Having a neatly designed and attractive website will cast a best impression on the users. Another important aspect of a good website is good SEO. Search Engine Optimisation, shortly called as SEO, is a technique that is performed to improve a website’s visibility on the Internet. When your website search engine optimized, then your website would appear on the first page of the search results for a keyword. For example, if a run an online gift store, then your website show up in the first of the search result for the keyword ‘gift shop’.
There are many techniques involved in SEO. The techniques can be mainly classified into two types – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO is all about making changes on the website itself. On the other hand, Off-page SEO deals with implementing changes outside the website. Techniques like directory submission, article submission, and link building comes under Off-page SEO. There are many SEO professionals to help to do SEO for your website. You could find and hire the SEO professionals through online.

Importance of Web Designing for a Business

web designing

It is important for any business to have a good identity. If people want to remember or identify your business in good way, then it is necessary to have a neat and attractive office space or store or building. Today, in this internet era, many people search details about a business or buy products through online. If they see your website or online store looking very bad, then it would bring a kind of bad name to your business. Therefore, it is necessary to have a website that looks neat and attractive. It will not only create a good impression about your business but also prompt the user to get into some positive actions.

Now, you would be aware of the importance of a web design for a business. You should remember that web designing is not an easy task. There is a good mix of creativity and theoretical knowledge required for creating a good web design. It means one should use his creativity, imagination as well as other tools and software required for materializing the web design. A good web design should reflect theme and spirit of a business. For example, if you are running an online store for girls/women, then having a pink theme would be suitable. In this way, one should consider every aspect before designing a website.

There are many web designers around the globe to help the needed clients and customers. Nowadays, people could avail the service of the web designers through the Internet. Make sure to hire a good web designer, who has good experience and commendable skills. In order to find the reliability of a web designer, you look into his portfolio and read the testimonials from his previous clients. This would surely help you in finding the web designer. When you have hired a best web designer, you can have a great website.