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and society

All the information on internal politics, government news, events and political facts not to be missed, as well as news on diplomacy and international relations.


and economy

Headline news on the economy and economic . News on capital flows and the stock market. The various headings concerning companies, economic events, fairs and trade shows…


and culture

Complete and up-to-date information on French art and culture. French culture in all its aspects and its perception throughout the world. The current movements and trends in art.

Cultural personalities

Song Artists

Follow any information on your favourite singers, other famous artists, budding artists, new French songs, concerts not to be missed...

Dancers and choreographers

Be up to date with the dance, events, shows that you need to follow. Find out about the dancers, choreographies or dance styles of the moment.

Painters and sculptors

Amateur or professional painters or sculptors, find out about current painters and sculptors, trends, available products, upcoming events, vernissage, exhibition, etc...

Famous actors on stage

Get up to date with the world of the stage: follow famous actors, new faces in cinema, cult or fashionable films or TV series. Plays to see, plays revisited by new performers.

Sports events

All about sports. Follow your favorite players and teams, current and upcoming sports events, competitions not to be missed.

Cultural events

Information on cultural events, festivals and celebrations near you or elsewhere, in your prefecture, region or department.

Trade shows and fairs

The latest news on the activities of the economic sector: trade fairs and exhibitions, the professions concerned, products, and services.


Tourism, an important activity, is one of the economic sectors of every country. Attracting thousands of visitors every year, from different nationalities who criss-cross the country during holiday periods or foreigners who visit and stay in a particular country.

Technological innovations

Technological innovations

Keep up with digital trends: mobile phone innovations and the design of high-performance computers. The development of mobile applications in virtual reality and augmented reality.

Find out about technological advances in everyday life: new gadgets that help the family, especially household appliances, new instruments that ensure safety at work, trendy tools for leisure.


More than an inheritance



Horse riding




Health, an interesting topic

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases
Find information, tips and tricks to cope with cardiovascular disease, one of the most worrying diseases affecting a large number of people.

Inform you about the drug, its use, its place and status in public health, who to consult if you have questions or doubts about its use.