Buying pvc and aluminium joinery : contact a specialized manufacturer online

The progress made in recent years to improve joinery, both in PVC and aluminium, means that both now offer almost the same advantages. So it is no longer just a question of choosing between PVC or aluminium doors and windows, but of finding a company that makes the right joinery for you.

Call on a specialized manufacturer

Exterior joinery prevents wind, rain, cold or heat from penetrating your walls. They also protect you against noise and intrusion. The joinery also gives your building a cachet. This is reason enough to call on a specialist who knows how to manufacture what you need, taking into account your tastes and the regulations in force. Indeed, the professional knows that the law imposes certain standards depending on the region in which you live and that there may be constraints in terms of town planning. By buying your joinery from a major DIY store on the web, you do not benefit from any personalized advice although different options are available. If, on the contrary, you contact a qualified manufacturer for the purchase of PVC windows, various doors or even a pergola, you can clearly explain what you want. This contractor, who you can also find on the Net, listens to you and offers you the various products he can manufacture to best meet your needs. However, he must make sure that he works according to the rules of the art, which sometimes requires you to make a few modifications to your project.

Choosing PVC

The sale of PVC joinery has exploded in recent years and this is not surprising given the many advantages this material offers. At the top of the list is the price offered, far cheaper than wood and aluminium. Next comes its high performance in terms of thermal insulation, which is even slightly better than that of aluminium. PVC does not rust, it withstands climatic variations as well as the salty air of the seaside very well. As far as maintenance is concerned, a simple wipe with a damp cloth gives it back its new shine. All types of openings are possible for PVC windows as well as many shapes and colours. PVC windows and doors are compatible with double and triple glazing and also with burglarproof or reinforced insulation glazing. However, PVC is not suitable for large-format windows and roller shutters measuring more than 2 metres. And if there are large PVC gates, it is because their frames are made of aluminium. However, some people still opt for wood or aluminium, which they find more attractive. This is why an urban plan sometimes prohibits the installation of PVC joinery when a building is located near a listed monument.

Opting for aluminium joinery

Aluminum is also on the rise in both the construction and renovation sectors. This is due to the fact that it makes it possible to create the designer joinery that is so popular today. Aluminium windows allow a maximum amount of light to enter thanks to the very narrow profiles, even with large windows. This is an important advantage as it means lower energy consumption for both heating and lighting. The robustness of this material also makes it possible to produce roller shutters, garage doors and gates with very large widths. Aluminium is also the ideal material for the construction of a conservatory. Thanks to this new glass space, you stay close to nature even in winter, while being comfortably protected from the elements. The pergola can cover a terrace or not be glued to your house. The most robust is the aluminium one. As its sides are not glazed, it is mainly used during sunny days, although it is equipped with adjustable slats and side panels and provides good protection against rain. The awning is useful to protect you from the sun that floods your terrace during the summer. In bad weather, you can fold it up in its box attached to the fa├žade in order to protect the large canvas that it is made of.

Always better thanks to your specialist manufacturer

When you leave the house in the morning and when you come back in the evening, opening and closing the gate, the garage door and finally the front door of the house ends up stressing you out. You can simplify your life by opting for motorized doors. This way, you no longer have to get out of the car several times to open and close the various doors. If you have a remote control or a smartphone, you are equipped to control the opening and closing of the gate and then the other doors. Thanks to home automation, you can also remotely control the opening and closing of your blinds and shutters, fold up your awning if it starts to rain, program the lighting of certain lamps to simulate your presence, start your washing machine during off-peak hours, change the boiler temperature and much more. If you want to program remotely, you need the Internet and a home automation box set up using a web browser or mobile application. If you don't know anything about it, ask the company that placed your joinery to show you how it works. You will quickly be convinced that home automation is great.
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