Eating in the company by having meal trays delivered to you

Between wanting to save time on the meridian break and eating healthy, meal trays are a good alternative to the endless sandwiches or highly processed industrial dishes. Surfing on this new way of eating for this corporate clientele, caterers offer the delivery of healthy and delicious meals at the workplace.

Company meal trays: good for the health of employees

Being able to eat healthily when work demands high productivity is sometimes complicated or even impossible. Lunch in restaurants can quickly become expensive and time-consuming. This can result in arriving late at the office and causing stress. Forced to stay in the office, some people simply don't eat or fall back on snacks and other meals that are already prepared. However, eating processed foods on the run without any nutritional intake can be hazardous to health and negatively influence work dynamics. Restaurateurs have understood the dilemma of these customers in search of a good meal by offering them the delivery of the meal tray. The chore of going out to buy a lunch of some kind and cutting back on the little time the meridian break allows is no longer an option. No more preparing the meal in the evening for the next day's lunch. Thanks to a fast and careful delivery, employees benefit from a delicious and healthy cuisine that is good for the body. The dishes are prepared using a variety of products, favouring local producers who guarantee absolute freshness. The little extra that contributes to the flavour of these menus is that they are often prepared by chefs who use all their talents to provide consumers with an exceptional taste experience. This service of better eating allows a real well-being at work, a gain in performance and an assurance to consume a famous and balanced menu. And if the lunch break is done in a warm atmosphere between colleagues, it's only better. To take advantage of this, all you have to do is order the day before online or by phone, seven days a week, and that's it.

Tasty meals for everyone

Another special feature of the company meal tray is the multitude of dishes. Employees have the possibility to personalize their menu according to their diet, their opinion or their spirituality. The caterers have planned everything: halal, kosher, vegetarian, organic, lactose-free and/or gluten-free, sweet, salty, with fewer additives, consumers are spoilt for choice. The caterers' meal tray offer meets all demands, all desires and all budgets. Ecology being a priority, many of these meals prepared with small onions are eco-responsible and recyclable. Lunch while protecting the planet, it's combining pleasure and preservation of nature.

Meal tray formulas for every occasion

In addition, caterers offer various catering options to companies. Such as a breakfast to properly welcome the customers or an investor organization and in passing enchant their taste buds. An event to celebrate, a meeting, a seminar or more fashionable moments such as afterworks or theme parties? No problem, specific menus are available and can be delivered quickly to offer guests something to eat and enjoy at the same time. Dinner aperitifs and other buffets become opportunities to strengthen the team's cohesion and fully enjoy these convivial moments. Whatever the occasion, companies have the possibility to delegate this part of the food logistics in order to remain focused on their professional or entertaining activities. As each service is personalised, restaurateurs compete for originality to offer à la carte formulas that meet the needs and budget of companies.
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