How do I know if a Master’s degree is recognised by the State?


Getting a Master’s degree is a great way to improve your employment opportunities. It may also enhance your career. However, not all degrees can benefit your career and life. Employers usually look for candidates with accredited degrees. Therefore, they check whether your Master’s degree is recognized by the state during their educational background. These are degrees from accredited schools with specific program accreditation. Therefore, if the state does not recognize your Master’s degree, you may not enjoy any benefits. For this reason, you may benefit from knowing how to recognize if the state recognizes your degree. This is especially important if your degree is from a foreign institution like grande Ecole or any business school in France. This page will provide you with an efficient guide.

Check with the accrediting boards

There are numerous accrediting boards for higher learning institutions and individual programs. They differ depending on the state. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to check if the state recognizes your Master’s degree is by checking if the accrediting board registers the institution and the program. The accrediting boards have websites and tools you can use to check registered institutions and programs. You can even use these tools to check whether degrees from international insititutions are accredited, like MBA France programs.

Check the institution’s websites

Most universities and higher learning institutions state their accreditation status on their websites. They understand how vital this fact is when students select a college. Therefore, accredited institutions will not be shy to share this fact on their website. You can check if the institution where you got your Master’s degree is recognized by your state by checking their website. Some universities also list their accreditations by degree on specific program sites. If you cannot find this information on the website, you can always contact the program coordinator to find out if the state recognizes your Master’s degree. However, this also depends on your state. For instance, accreditation requirements in the United States are different from those in France.


Employers get a wealth of information while conducting standard background checks. Most people do not recognize that the state does not recognize their degrees until after the background checks. This especially happens when looking for a job in a foreign state. When searching for work in a foreign state, you must ensure you have the tools you need to stand out from your competition. You can do this by conducting your research. For instance, checking if the foreign state recognizes your Master’s degree. It is worth mentioning that even if your degree is recognized in your country, it does not mean foreign countries also recognize it. Researching will help you find out if you stand a chance. You can also check if your degree is recognized by the state when looking for opportunities for higher learning. For instance, if you want to pursue a Ph.D. in a foreign state.

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