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Opal is a semi-precious gemstone, commonly white, and a member of the Silicate mineral family. Due to its amorphous nature, the gemstone is classified as a mineraloid rather than a mineral. The natural stone gets deposited at comparably low temperatures; hence may be found in the fissures of most rocks such as sandstone, basalt, and limonite, among others. The mineraloid is well-known for its magnificent display of colours. People commonly wear opals jewellery to signify a luxurious lifestyle, good health, success in various creative pursuits, marital harmony, and high social status. Based on the conditions in which opals are formed, they may be opaque, transparent, or translucent, and the colour of its background white, black, or any other of the visual spectrum. For additional information on gemstones and other minerals, click here.

Categories to Buy

There are two major categories of this gemstone, namely Precious and Common. These two are characterized by several differences, including a colour difference and that in iridescence. However, there are other mini categories, including the Fire and Girasol types.

1. Precious Opals

The precious category indicates a changing interplay of internal colours and contains an internal structure, even though it is a mineraloid. This interplay of colours, commonly referred to as iridescence, is a pseudo-chromatic visual impact that results in coloured flashlights as specific gemstones turn into white light. The effect in ‘play-of-color’ comes from the precious gemstone’s internal structure, which causes it to diffract light. The regularity of its sizes determines the quality of this precious stone alongside the spheres’ packaging.

2. Common Opals

Apart from the gemstone types that display iridescence, other kinds are considered typical. The common types of this gemstone do not display the plays-of-color. They include the resin type (honey-yellow in color with a resinous glow), milk type (gemstone quality at times), menilite (brown or grey), the wood gemstone (attributed to the replacement of organic material with opals), and hyalite (colorless, also known as Muller’s glass). Others are the geyserite (also known as siliceous sinter, found around geysers or hot springs), and finally, the diatomaceous earth (deposits of diatoms shells). The common stone regularly portrays a hazy-milky-murky gleam from within itself. This optical effect is often referred to as opalescence.

3. Fire Opals

This type of gemstone is considered to have warmer colors than the others, ranging from yellow to orange to red. It is either transparent or translucent. Even though these stones do not display the play-of-color feature, they show flashes of bright-green light now and then. The fire stones are commonly found in Queretaro, Mexico. There are Mexican types of fire opals that do not exhibit the play of color, occasionally known as jelly opals.

4. Girasol Opals

This type of gemstone is a form of hyalite, and it portrays a bluish gleam that is dependent on the light source. The display of light does not come from the play of color as in the precious type but instead comes from microscopic inclusions. The stone type originates from two places, that is, Oregon and Mexico. When it comes from Mexico, the gemstone is, at times, categorized under the water opals.

Natural Stones and Astrological Signs

In a perfectly normal set-up, natural stones assist you in the mastery of strength in your intuition, as well as a reconnection of your mind. These stones come in different packages to satisfy all your needs. In most lithotherapy shops, you will find various gemstones to serve your purpose, whether being to satisfy love, health, and luxury, among others.

Benefits of Opals: Why you should Buy the Gemstones

Ever since the discovery of this gemstone, it has been associated with several astrological properties and aesthetic charm. Over the past few years, many litho therapy shops and popular jewellery brands have had a hand promoting opals as jewellery gemstones. For people who believe in natural stones’ metaphysical traits, opals are crucial for coping with difficult life situations. Many people ask, ‘Should I wear an opal stone?’ or ‘Will it suit me?’ Before choosing a gemstone type to buy, you need first to check out which one best suits you. Below are some of the benefits you could acquire from buying such a gemstone:

• A symbol of Success in Creative Ventures

The gemstone is associated with the Venus planet, which is known for creativity and innovation. It is deemed highly advantageous for people faced with life insecurities, lack of inspiration and motivation in life, and those facing creative blocks. Specialists highly believe that wearing the white type of this gemstone gives you an extra shove towards the artistic expressions and aligns your creative energies to obtain better results. People with close involvement in artistic fields such as theatre, music, painting, and dance highly benefit from wearing such gems.

• For a Joyous Matrimonial Life and Stability in Marriage

One of the advantages of wearing opals gemstones is that they bring vibrancy and some sought-on power in an individual’s love life or marriage. The gemstone is believed to have the ability to provide stability in a failing marriage and improve an individual’s general social relations. The Milky rattan helps arouse love, mutual understanding, and harmony between two people in a relationship and help them overcome marital conflicts.

• Beneficial in terms of health

In therapy, adding a natural stone jewellery to your dressing helps you maintain balance in the body’s hormonal secretions and boost your immunity. According to medical astrologers, the gemstone (the white type) has some metaphysical characteristics that help solve liver problems, kidney complications and restoring hormonal disorders. Black and fire types are beneficial in solving numerous psychological issues and sleeping disorders.

• Signifies Improved Financial Status and Social Well-being

The gemstone is vital in symbolizing and promoting luxurious lifestyles and high social status for those who wear it. Venus associates with worldly desires and luxuries; hence astrologers believe that the opals elevate people’s financial conditions and maintain their lifestyle.

Things to Keep in Mind while Purchasing Opals

Before you buy any gemstone, it is always advisable to check for its purity and quality to avoid getting one that does not meet your standards, especially when buying online. It would be best if you acquired the gems from a reliable dealer, one whom you know. You need to first check the product intensively before making a purchase. In case you wish to obtain the gemstones for astrological solutions, you need to acquire a good laboratory certificate showing the purity of the product or the expenses you are to incur. You could also try and check for such information from other experts or the internet. The quality and price range of Opals depend on several factors, including:

• The colour

This factor is the most influential when it comes to the evaluation of the natural stone’s value. In colouring, pure white appears to be the most dominant and advisable for use, though other colours such as pink, blue, green, orange, and black also exist. The white gemstone with fire happens to be the most sought for due to its astrological benefits. The black, green, and blue ones are desirable due to their display of an ideal play of colour over dark backgrounds.

• Its Origin

Mining sites for opals are found in Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Hungary, Ethiopia, Sudan, and the United States. However, the gemstone obtained from Australia appears to be more popular and highly valued due to its rich fire and bright tone. The Ethiopian brand follows the preferable list, then comes the Mexican type with a reddish-orange appearance.

• Clarity and Transparency

In dealing with opals, the transparency levels and the level of inclusions dictate the clarity. When observing the gemstone through naked eyes, one can witness some natural inclusions like sand particles, dendrites, webbings, recovered fractures, dead spots, or potch strands that decrease the gems’ value. The level of transparency of opals rests upon its type since transparency is measured in crystals.

• The shape of the Gemstone

The rough gems that come from the mines are often curved and polished into round or oval shapes (non-faceted). Perfectly domed opals jewels show the best fire when viewed from different angles. One is always advised not to buy gems with very high or too flat domes because they become more vulnerable to destruction once customized as jewellery.

• The Brightness and Pattern of the Fire

The existence of fire marks the difference between a precious and a common brand. In the case of a precious brand, the brighter and steady fire exhibit comes of a higher value than the dull and faint iridescence that comes at a reduced price. The common brands appear to be the most affordable, yet they are less effective in an astrological view.


The natural gemstone lasts for a longer time if you, as the owner, take good care of it. You are advised to treat it with the utmost care to minimize scratches and breaks to lengthen its span and maintain its value.

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