What is the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)

EuroScience Open Forum

The scientific community is struggling to keep its culture of research and innovation. The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) was created in 2004 by the European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology, a non-profit organization of researchers in Europe. It is a biennial meeting that offers scientists, teachers, and students for interdisciplinary and intersectional debate. At ESOF 2022, the stage is set for another conference that will become the largest in Europe. For those who would like to attend the conference, you can find more resources at esof.eu.

What to Expect at ESOF 2022

The conference will have different programs with the main programme with lectures, seminars, workshops, and presentations on the latest scientific research. ESOF Leiden will have several keynote speakers that will talk about current scientific practices and policy issues that face the scientific community. There will be interactive sessions between policymakers, scientists, and students on updates regarding the structure the scientific community should adopt in the coming years. Exhibitions will showcase innovations and research from academic and industrial sources. ESOF Leiden will have different venues that will incorporate the different elements of the conference. The venues will be reasonably spaced, with each location a walking distance from the other, giving it a communal theme and maximum involvement from attendees. The conference will be a wonderful platform for networking within the wide variety of meetings set in the programme.

The Who and What of ESOF Leiden

Leiden is an ideal city for the conference because of its advantageous location between Amsterdam and The Hague. In Leiden, the attendees will get to advocate for an interdisciplinary scientific approach toward global issues such as climate change to create better scientific solutions to the world's problems. Attendees are offered the chance to become partners, start their conversations, and show their contributions to the scientific community. The conference will have both onsite and online attendees because of the inclusiveness offered in the scientific community. ESOF 2022 aims to bring together more than 4500 delegates from 90 countries. The delegates will comprise leading thinkers, researchers, and educators in the scientific community. The conference will feature all kinds of scientific disciplines, and every organization involved will have a platform for them to create their visibility and start the conversation. The conference will focus on how future pandemics can be addressed by the scientific community and how they can be at the forefront of creating solutions. The platform ESOF 2022 offers is essential in determining how they can prevent and address challenges the world will face in the coming years.


All eager participants are urged to register for the EuroScience in Leiden because the full hybrid programme will take place onsite and online at Leiden. It will be an opportunity for more delegates to join in the conversation. The online registration will be easy to access, and the virtual interactive programme is a feature that delegates will use to interact and share ideas worldwide. Registration will allow new members to view the content posted for up to two months after the event. Registration will allow people to access different programs, plenary sessions, keynote speakers, and scientific sessions. Once registered, you can schedule your own programme two weeks in advance, enabling you to address societal challenges and create new solutions and alliances that will benefit the human race. All registrations must be submitted through an online registration form.

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